1 This style is suitable for the bride for wedding day. The hair is twisted into waves and curls, flourished by matching accessories.
 2 The hair is scooped up from front and back and pulled into curls, which are then interwoven to create and intricate bun dotted with diamantes.
 3 This fairytale look is completed by pinning the hair to a nape of the neck dividing into smaller sections and rolling each section into coils. The ends are flicked and are accessorised with diamantes. Suitable for your Hurdi or Nelengo evening.
 4 This timeless, romantic hairstyle hinges on curls. Part the front into a side fringe and place tiara on top of head. Thereafter roll the back section into curls. Suitable style for your Mehendi evening.
 5 Fusing contemporary styles with traditional accessories are becoming more popular. This style is hassle free, yet elegant to make a statement.
 6 Can’t decide whether you want your hair up or down? You will find this hairstyle perfect. Big loose sections are randomly curled and pinned very loosely at the back, with the remainder left to drape elegantly to the back.

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